We believe education has no limits and intend to take education beyond borders. This could mean either taking you to the education providers through our Study abroad consultancy or bringing the desired education to you at your home through our Online Learning Academy.

We believe that everyone in the world from anywhere in the world, regardless of their background, location, capabilities, limitations should have the opportunity to educate themselves with knowledge and skills from the very best professionals in their field, in an affordable, easily accessible, convenient and engaging learning environment

We focus on providing live education because it is interactive, engaging, constantly improving and evolving better for accelerated learning. You can query, learn, share, and gain insights, knowledge and skills from top professionals in your field getting you job-ready or helping you up-grade your skills as needed

EdVantage E-Cert

Get the qualifications you desire from top universities and education providers in the comfort of your home.

EdVantage Academix

Live Online tutoring across a range of curriculums,subects, levels 2-12 and more and n the comfort of your home.

EdVantage SpeakSmart

In conjunction with EdVantage Academic, we bring you live Conversation classes and Foreign language learning. Also avail of online prep for IELTS, PTE etc.


Attend a live online webinar/ workshop or watch a recorded session and boost your learning, skills, and expertise

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